Why should I choose Mont Blac Executive Car Service?

     Mont Blac Executive Car Service’s mission is to always get you to your   
     destination safe and on time while enjoying the experience in any one of
     our latest model, luxury vehicles of your choice. We have professional
     and trained chauffeurs who take pride in serving all our clients with the
     utmost driving etiquette. It is our company policy that all chauffeurs
     remain groomed and in a black professional suit at all times to appeal to
     our clientele and represent the company’s level of excellence.

 Are we affiliated with any ridesharing or transportation network company?

     No, we have not affiliated ourselves with any ridesharing or         
     transportation network company in order to remain exclusive   
     and to be able to provide top quality service to our clients. We strongly     
     believe that if we focus more on the quality of service we provide, more
     than quantity, we’ll be more successful in the long run and we can assure that  
     our clients are satisfied.

 Why should I register and create an account?

     The benefits of registering and creating an account with us,  
     whether it’s for personal or corporate purposes, is for the convenience of    
     having secure and easy access to booking rides using securely stored
     account information. Meaning you’ll never have to input your
     information twice. Some additional benefits are:
- Track Driver Location
- Modify Trip Details
- Financial Dashboard with Access to Invoices
- Payment Receipt History
- Easy Accounting for Tax Filing Purposes

 What cities do we service?

     We are based out of and specialize in servicing the Los Angeles County 
     and surrounding areas as well as offer our services in all major cities
     worldwide. We have partnered with companies worldwide that meet our
     level of expectations and thus far have provided nothing less than
     excellent service to our clients.

 How long in advance do I need to book a car?

     In order to guarantee that we will have a vehicle available for you, we  
     recommend you book at least 4 hours in advance. Regardless, we will
     always try to accommodate even last minute reservations to the best of
     our ability.

 What will I be charged for when booking a vehicle?

     Reservations are charged one of three ways:
     -Hourly Rates
     -Point to Point Rates
     -Flat Airport Rates

     Under special circumstances we customize rates such as: daily, weekly,  
     or group reservation rates. We are known for not being the type of limousine 
     company that will nickel and dime you for traffic surcharges, gas surcharges, or
     booking fees, unlike some of our competitors and large mass
     transportation ridesharing app/companies.

 Can I pay the driver directly?

     For security reasons our drivers are not allowed to take direct payments,  
     only cash tips. We offer the option to pay via e-invoice, over the phone
     or by booking online. The best way to pay is by creating an account with
     us on our website which allows any major credit or debit card to be
     securely stored on file for future bookings.

 What is your booking cancellation policy?

     We ask our clients to cancel 4 hours in advance in order to receive a full
     refund of their upfront payment. Last minute reservation modifications
     can be made up to 4 hours prior to pickup time and any reservation
     modifications less than 4 hours we’ll try accommodate to the best of our
     ability without any guarantee. “No Show” passengers and cancellations
     less than 4 hours prior to pick up will not be refunded their payment.

 Is there smoking allowed in the vehicles?

     There is no smoking allowed inside our vehicles and that includes:
     cigarettes, vapes, e-cigarettes, and any other form or type of smoking. If
     passenger needs to smoke, our drivers can accommodate by pulling-
     over and allowing passengers to smoke outside. If passenger violates this
     common courtesy vehicle rule, they will charge a cleaning fee of $250.

 Do you charge a vehicle cleaning fee?

     We only charge a $250 vehicle cleaning fee if a passenger violates     
     common courtesy vehicle rules such as but not limited to: indoor
     smoking, liquid or food spills, any bodily fluid excretions, or excess
     wear and tear due to accidental or intentional damage to vehicle’s interior
     or exterior.